How do I add a key fob to my Yale alarm?

To add a key fob to your Yale alarm unit, you must follow three crucial steps. First, log onto the Yale application on your smartphone. Go to the application’s menu and choose the “Settings” option. On the list of options that come up, choose the “Alarm Setting” option, and then navigate to “Add New Device.”

After this, press the learn button on the key fob, that you would like to add to the unit. The smart hub will beep, acknowledging the addition of the new device. Once this happens, you can now exit learn mode. The new device should be properly added.

How do I arm my Yale alarm?

The Yale alarm is designed to be very simple to use. To arm the system, you can choose one of three methods. If using the control panel, you can simply arm the system by pressing the button labeled “ARM”. If using the portable key fob, arm the alarm by pressing on the button that has the image of a padlock imposed on it. If using the Yale alarm phone application, arm the unit by swipe down on the application’s dashboard.

Why is my Yale alarm beeping?

Incessant beeping means that there could be a problem with your Yale alarm unit. The problem always boils down to either of two scenarios. It is either that the unit is not properly installed or that the batteries are low on power and need to be changed.

If your alarm constantly beeps, it is best to first confirm whether the batteries need changing. If after changing the batteries, the beeping subsists, you need to confirm that all the parts of the unit are properly mounted and screwed in. You can also try resetting the Yale Smart Hub to factory mode.

What is the best Yale alarm?

The Yale Hsa6400 is the best Yale alarm on the market. Though a bit pricey, this product is guaranteed to give you value for your money.

The Hsa6400 is equipped to give you ultimate security in your home. It comes with an autodialler setting, that enables you to pair the unit to, at most, three different telephone numbers! In the event of a break-in, not only will the siren sound, but the unit will also ring the three different numbers and alert people of the intrusion.

How do I clear my fault log on Yale alarm?

To clear the fault log, you need to first disarm the alarm. This is done by pressing the Disarm Key on the control panel, or by pressing the same button also found on the key fob or by swiping down one the Yale Alarm phone application. After this, key in your Password or Identification Number(PIN) and press the “Tick” key. A menu of items should come upon the control panel’s LCD screen. Choose the “Fault Log” option. A list of alarm event messages will be displayed on the screen. To delete them press the ‘Backspace’ key and then the “Tick” key to delete.

How do you set a Yale alarm system?

The Yale Alarm System comes configured with the factory default settings. To personalize and set your preferred settings, you must make use of the Yale Alarm system App. You can download the app can be downloaded at zero cost from Google Play and App Store and for IOS powered smartphones.

Once logged into the app, navigate to the application’s dashboard. Choose the option labeled “Settings.” From here you can easily change alarm and lock settings to your desired preferences.

How do I pair my Yale siren?

To pair your Yale siren with your Yale Alarm Smart Hub, you have to follow these steps. First, push down the learn button on the Smart Hub until the LED light flashes. Then turn your attention to the siren. Make sure that dip switches 1,2,3 and 4 on the siren are in the OFF position. Turn siren’s power switch ON and press it’,s learn button for about a second.

Then, press the learn button on the Smart Hub, also for about a second. Thereafter, press the learn button on the siren again. Finally, long-press the learn button on the Smart Hub again, until the LED light stops flashing.

Why does my Yale Smart Hub keep beeping?

Constant beeping from the Yale Smart Hub can mean one of three things. It could mean that the unit is fully armed. It could also mean that the unit’s batteries are low on power and need to be replaced or recharged.

The beeping may also imply that there is a damning fault with the system, probably stemming from improper connection or installation. To correct this, you should try to fully arm and disarm the unit. If this does not work, you need to scan the system using the Yale Alarm phone application to pinpoint the problem. This should enable you to fix whatever problem the system may have.

How do I charge the battery in my Yale Smart Hub?

To recharge the battery in the Yale Smart Hub, plug it into a power socket. This is made possible by using an adapter that comes with the unit. Whenever the Smart Hub is low on power, attach it with the adaptor and plug it into power. Charging the Smart Hub to full capacity should take about 72 hours. You need not be worried if the Smart Hub keeps beeping during this time. It is designed to beep until it is fully charged.

Are Yale Smart Alarms any good?

The answer is a resounding Yes! The Yale Smart Alarm is a decent product. It is an affordable home security system that ensures your security without costing you an arm and a leg. Yale Smart Alarm is marketed as a DIY system. This means that it is super easy to install. You do not need a professional electrician to assist you. This goes further into slushing the overall costs of the security system.

It comes with very sensitive sensors and the alarms are loud enough to wake the dead. With the Yale Smart Alarm Application, the user is also enabled to remotely control the system, from afar. Thus having the alarm will give you peace of mind.

Does Yale Smart Alarm work with Alexa?

The Yale Smart Alarm is fully compatible with the voice-activated Alexa. This allows users to control their alarm systems by just using their voice. By simply uttering statements such as “Alexa, arm the alarm” or “Alexa, deactivate alarm”, one can easily activate and deactivate the Yale alarm unit.

For purposes of security, the system is programmed to ask for voice passwords before a user activates or deactivates their smart alarms.

Does Yale smart alarm work with Google Home?

The Yale alarm system has also been integrated with Google Voice Assistant. Google voice assistant allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Google Home. The integration allows users to arm or disarms the Yale alarm system with just their voice. You can easily alarm the alarm by uttering “Ok google, arm the alarm. It is also possible to activate and deactivate the security system cameras as well using voice commands.

How do I reset my Yale Alarm Smart Hub?

The Smart Hub will need to be reset whenever the panic alarm is sounded. To do this, you need to turn the unit off and on again. To turn the unit off, unplug it from power and turn the battery switch off. Wait for about ten seconds. After this, turn the battery switch back on and then plug the unit back into power. Doing this should reset the Smart Hub to factory settings.

How does the Yale Smart Lock work?

The Yale smart lock is a door lock that makes it possible to open and close a door without using any physical key. To use this technology, you need to have a smartphone and a home WIFI network. WIFI enables you to connect the smart lock to your smartphone. You also need to have installed the Yale Smart alarm Application on your phone.

Using the application on your smartphone, you can send commands to the smart lock, telling it to open or to close doors. Your smartphone thus becomes some sort of digital key.

Using the Yale alarm smart Lock is extremely safe. The connection between the lock and your smartphone is heavily encrypted. You are the only one who can give commands to your door locks. This means that third parties can neither access your locks with their smartphones or even hack the connection.

How long do Yale siren batteries last?

Yale batteries are designed to give you quality service for a very long time. With a siren that is always on, the batteries used to power it will give you service for at least 2-3 years. After this period, they will run out of power and will need to be replaced. The unit is designed to alert you, whenever the battery power is low. The siren will beep at least five times whenever you arm the alarm. This is the sign that it is time to get new batteries.

You also need a reliable surveillance hard drive to store all the recorded footage from the CCTV Cameras.

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