Ring Security System Vs Simplisafe Vs Nest Vs ADT – FAQs

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Is Simplisafe compatible with Ring?

SimpliSafe technology is designed to be very unique. The product and all its accessories are created to operate as one single system made up of components from the same manufacturer. It is thus not compatible with numerous devices or software from other security companies including the Ring Security system.

Every accessory to be connected to the system, ranging from cameras, keypads, and sensors must all be purchased from the company.


NUMBER OF CAMERAS1 floodlight video camera with upto 8 alarm piece kit11 piece alarm kit but you need to buy a camera separatelynone because it is more of a smoke alarm. You need to buy cameras seperately, upto 10 per houseUPTO 8
BATTERY LIFEUPTO 12 Months or Less if it is located in a busy areaBETWEEN 3 TO 5 yearsUpto 5 years for the model powered by battery24 hours thus you need to charge it daily
MONITORING PLANSYES from 3$ per monthYes it is monitored from 25$ per monthYes it has 2 plans, the Nest Aware plan that keeps upto 30 day video history for 6$ a month and Nest Aware plus that keeps 60 days plus 10 days 24 hours video historyYes from 37$ per month

Simplisafe Wireless Home Monitoring System Best Indoor Security System

 This is a really interesting package which provides a wireless system with pre-programmed sensors. It is easy and fast to install and of course it does not require any technician coming to your house and have holes drilled somewhere along the walls. This system being already programmed, you only need to place the sensors wherever you need them, and the system is ready to go. It comes with 26, 280 hours reliable batteries which is a big, big plus which can be modified at any time.

This means that you can decide to start a “partial” control of your houses perimeter, and then improve the system in order for it to be more efficient. Other than that, Simplisafe Wireless Home Monitoring System 11-piece Plus Package is a cheap yet safe way to protect your house because with only fifteen dollars a month, it offers you 24/7 Security. The price may not be attractive to you but the real question to ask is, what is your life worth?

 Lastly but not least, there are some people who have found it a little bit tricky to install. It takes more than fifteen minutes and an adequate level of attention to finish out the installation. Other people who have bought and used the product say that it is a bit too weak which maybe a problem. However, i believe the main and most interesting function of this device resides in the almost cost-free 24/7 telephone monitoring.

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Does Simplisafe work with nest doorbell ?

At this time, the Simplisafe systems work with analog doorbells. Nest is a digital doorbell and hence is not compatible with it at the moment.

Simplisafe batteries

The SimpliSafe security unit is heavily dependent on batteries. It is so designed to ensure the portability of the components. Sensors and keypads can be placed anywhere in the house. Their location in the home is not determined by the availability of power outlets.

This design also ensures that security is guaranteed even in the event of a blackout. Therefore, each component of the system from the keypad to the sensors, and the base unit requires the use of batteries to operate.

These sources of energy have an average life span of about five years. Equipment such as the keypad must have its batteries replaced yearly. The base unit and the sensors can have their batteries replaced at least every five years.

Simplisafe monthly plans

SimpliSafe offers its users security services on a month to month basis. This arrangement does not force users to enter into long-term contractual agreements that may be difficult to dissolve. The security company gives its users a choice between two payment plans; the basic monthly plan and the interactive plan.

The basic plan costs a user monthly payment worth $14.99.  Not much is offered under this scheme. The company binds itself to provide basic professional monitoring services only. This means that, while one is subscribed to this payment plan. SimpliSafe will only monitor the home and send notifications to the user and the authorities whenever the alarm sounds.

This plan does not allow remote access to the system. A user will not be able to arm or disarm alarms, control floodlights or enable push notifications to form their phone. They will not even be able to stream live feeds of their homes on their mobile phones.

The interactive plan will put a $24.99 dent in the user’s wallet. This monthly subscription plan lives up to its name. It allows for full interaction with the security system without any limitations. With this subscription, the user is allowed to remotely control and monitor the entire SimpliSafe unit.

Regardless of location, the user can manipulate and even change settings on their home security unit. All this can be done conveniently by using a smart phone. 

SimpliSafe also provides professional monitoring services under this plan. These services include sending notifications to the user and the police of any break-ins that may happen.

Simplisafe cloud storage 

SimpliSafe security systems provide cloud storage for image and video footage for up to 30 days. A user can monitor their home from the SimpliSafe app on their mobile phone. Any footage recorded can be manually backed-up by the user into the cloud for storage. It can then be downloaded and shared across devices as willed by the user.

How does Simplisafe monitoring work and how much does it cost?

SimpliSafe monitoring depends on WIFI connectivity. The security company has an entire department devoted to monitoring the activity of all units installed in users’ homes. The information collected by the units is relayed, in real-time, to this monitoring center via the internet.

Any breaches into the home by unauthorized persons prompts the monitoring team to alert the authorities and send notifications to the user via their mobile phones

These services are however not cheap. To enjoy these benefits, ones needs to subscribe to the interactive plan. These plans cost $ 24.99. It requires monthly renewal. The interactive plan allows a user to enjoy professional monitoring services and other benefits such as remote access.

Does SimpliSafe require WIFI

To connect all the devices used within the SimpliSafe security network, a WIFI connection is needed. Internet connectivity allows all the components of the system to communicate effectively with each other. It further ensures that the SimpliSafe monitoring team and the user can receive alerts in real-time. 

Does SimpliSafe have outdoor cameras?

Though SimpliSafe is primarily concerned with indoor safety, the company also sells outdoor cameras. The outdoor camera comes with a variety of features aimed at enhancing home security. It takes videos and in HD and 720p quality. The videos can be streamed in real-time by users from their phones.

This outdoor camera is equipped with heat sensors designed to detect heat signatures from the bodies of human beings. Due to this impressive feature, it can distinguish distractions from possible threats. The camera comes installed with end-end encryption software. Such software ensures that only the user and the SimpliSafe monitoring team can access the video feed. 

Can you use the SimpliSafe app without monitoring?

It is possible to use the SimpliSafe app without monitoring. In this scheme, a user is only able to utilize the alarm function of the security system. Once a breach in the home is detected, the alarm will sound. SimpliSafe will not react to the alarm signal. The user is responsible for notifying the authorities of the possible break-in. 

It is also not possible for the user to remotely access the system. This means that one can neither receive any security notifications from their mobile phones nor change settings remotely.  

SimpliSafe problems

For the most part, this home security system comes off as very unreproachable. However, it has been discovered that several vulnerabilities may pose a risk to the more than 300,000 homes currently using it. The SimpliSafe security system can be hacked quite easily by using very affordable and easy to find equipment. Using very basic hardware, it is possible to break into a house, by breaching the integrity of door and motion sensors or even harvest PINS and passwords. 

This vulnerability is worsened by the fact that the system comes with a one-time programmable chip. This means that it does not allow over the air software updates. Therefore, even though the SimpliSafe Company recognizes this error, it is virtually impossible to patch it.

However this is a very rare occurrence and you can request for a replacement which can be done for you by the company’s representative.

SimpliSafe video doorbell installation

This security system is marketed as a DIY installation product. Therefore, installing any of its components in your home is quite an easy task. To install the video doorbell, one needs to follow a few steps. The first is to turn off power to the doorbell.

The next step is to remove the doorbell that is currently in place. After this is done, one needs to carefully push the doorbell wires through the holes of the fixing bracket and then screw it into the wall. Finally, connect the doorbell cable to the mounting bracket and slide the doorbell into place.

Is there a monthly fee for Simplisafe?

To fully activate all the benefits of SimpliSafe, the payment of a monthly fee is required. There are two plans to which users can subscribe to. These plans are namely, the basic plan and the interactive plan. The basic plan offers users basic monitoring services of their homes.

The company also notifies authorities of any security breaches or break-ins. Conversely, the interactive plan offers monitoring services, alerts and notifications to authorities in case of any break-ins, and remote access of the system by the user.

It is possible to use the system without making any monthly payments. A user who opts not to make any payments under any scheme can only utilize the alarm function. If a break-in occurs, the alarm sounds and it is up to the user to notify the authorities.

How to change SimpliSafe alarm code

The SimpliSafe alarm code by default is always 1234. It is prudent to change this once the system is successfully installed. This can be simply done by pressing the “menu” on the keypad. A few options are then displayed on the interface. Pick the “Change PIN” option. Type in the new Personalized Identification Number (PIN) and press enter. The system will ask you to confirm the PIN. Do this by typing it again and pressing enter and voila a new alarm code will have been set.

Charging a SimpliSafe doorbell

SimpliSafe batteries need to be changed every so often. Batteries on the system’s accessories have a life span of about a year. The system prompts the user to change the batteries whenever they are low. To change the battery on the doorbell, simply unmount it from the wall. The battery competent should be visible at the back. Take out the used batteries and replace them with new ones.

Ring Floodlight Cam HD Security Camera Best In Outdoor Surveillance

 Are you seeking a versatile as well as an affordable security camera to protect your home? Do you need to watch the happenings outside your home from your mobile devices? If so, you have no need to wander shop by shop to buy a one. Yes, you can now buy your preferred home security camera online from the comfort of your home.

 This is because Ring, the renowned manufacturer of security systems offers the most versatile floodlight security camera at an affordable price. You can expect a bounty of safety features from the Ring Light FloodLight Camera. This means that you will not only protect your home in an effective way but also in an affordable way.

Why should you buy the Ring Light FloodLight Camera?

 As the name suggests, the white Ring Light FloodLight Camera comes incorporated with the flood light. This is a high definition security device, allowing you to have both-way communication, as well. If the device detects any untoward incident outside your home, it will appropriately alert you with an audible alarm. This is because it comes outfitted with quality siren equipment, too. Another unique reason for buying the device is that it is the only movement-activated device in the world. Here are the five valid and beneficial reasons for buying this home security device.

1. You can protect your home in three different ways at an affordable cost: Buying the Light FloodLight Camera from Ring will allow you to protect your home in three diverse ways. This means that you can monitor, heed, as well as communicate. This is because the device offers you a clear video output through two powerful LED floodlights. This will make you see the incidents happening outside your home clearly. You can clearly hear the audible alarm as it comes equipped with the siren that can produce a louder audible alarm of 110 Db. You can also have both-way communication to resolve the outside problems from inside your home.

2. You can watch your entire home easily and effectively:  As Ring designs the Light FloodLight Camera with high-tech movement sensors, you can easily detect things happening around your home. Thus, you can easily detect the face of the trespasser as well as his movement. The product comes with the wide-angle, field view feature of 270 degrees. This means that it will allow you to view the blind spots as well as the corners around your home effectively. You can customize the monitoring areas around your home according to your preferences, as well.

3. You can easily install the device: Installing the Ring Light FloodLight Camera is really a breeze. Ring supplies the device with a comprehensive installation guide as well as with an installation kit. You can set up the camera outside your home easily and quickly. You can effectively replace the working wired floodlights by connecting them to a simple junction box. You can focus the critical areas outside your home easily. This is because Ring offers the device with a concerned app. This will allow you to flash the floodlights, activate the alarm, and can have a close look at the areas.

4. You can remotely control your camera easily: As the manufacturer designs the device to work well with mobile phones, you can control it through your tablet, Smartphone, or from your laptop from any place. The app is compatible and works effectively with renowned operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows 10, and Mac. You will get immediate alerts about the movements, hear live audio, as well as see the video on your mobile devices.

5. You will get the product with an attractive trial and product warranty: Ring offers the camera with a 30-day free trial. The device also comes with a one-year warranty on its parts. Moreover, the manufacturer claims that the device will offer an effective protection throughout its lifetime.

Highlights of the Ring Light FloodLight Camera

At an affordable price, Ring offers the home protection device with countless beneficial features. The manufacturer designs each feature meticulously to fulfill the safety needs of homeowners. Some of the notable highlights of the device include:

 1. The FloodLight Camera is a power-efficient device, as it works well with the Domestic supply of 240 volts. Thus, you can considerably reduce your electric bills.

 2. Ring constructs the camera with the durable plastic and aluminum material. Thus, the device has immense resistance to corrosion.

 3. The camera comes with the two-way communication facility with an effective noise cancellation feature.

 4. You can get a crystal-clear High Definition live video with the resolution of 1080 pixels. Thus, you can get clear pictures during night hours, too.

 5. The Ring Light FloodLight Camera is the only home protection device that comes with the movement-activated feature. It is the ideal device for both facial as well as for object exposure.

 6. You can view your entire home easily, as it comes with the field view angle of 270 degrees.

 7. You can get a bright illumination because the floodlights come equipped with the two 3000-degree Kelvin bulbs.

 8. The siren that comes with the device can produce a loud 110-Db audible alarm.

 9. Another notable highlight of the camera is its lens. You can adjust the lens up to 140-degree field view according to your preference.

 10. The Ring home protection camera has immense resistance to all types of weathers. It can withstand the heat the ranges from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

 11. The manufacturer offers the home protection device with a 30-day trial offer. This means that you can use the device for a maximum period of 30 days at free of cost. If you are not satisfied with the performance of the device within 30 days, you can return the product. You can get your entire amount refunded with no questions asked.

 12. Above all, Ring offers the camera with a part guarantee of one year as well as with a lifetime home-protection guarantee.

Pros of the camera

– Durable construction.

 – Versatile design.

– Affordable and flexible plans.

– 720-degree field view.

– Bright floodlights.

– Both-way communication.

– Highly developed movement detection.

– Facial as well as object detection feature.

– Attractive 30-day free trial.

– One-year part guarantee and lifetime performance guarantee.

Cons of the camera

– Users cannot customize the power of the illumination.

Affordable and comprehensive video recording plans of the Ring Light FloodLight Camera

 The home-protection camera comes with three types of video recording plans that fit every budget. Through these plans, you can access your required video at any time from any place. Moreover, you can save your much-wanted videos for a maximum period of 60 days.

You can even easily share your videos with your family members, friends, as well as with your neighbors. Here are the details of the video recording plans that you will get at an affordable price; If you are already having a Ring Camera, you can buy any one of the three plans to suit your needs and budget.

These plans include:

1. No video recording plan:  This means that you can get this video recording plan free of cost. Through this plan, you will get immediate alerts, watch live streaming audios and videos. It will protect your home from the theft throughout your life, as well.

2. Basic video recording plan: You can get this plan at an affordable annual subscription of $30 for each camera. In addition to the features that you get from the no plan, you will get some premium protection features through this video recording plan.

These features include:

– You can store your preferred videos for a maximum period of 60 days.

– This plan allows you to recover the missed alert. This means that you can get back the missed video alert by reviewing the recorded videos whenever you want.

– You can share your recorded videos to your loved ones.

– You can save all your unforgettable events. You can also delete unwanted videos at anytime easily, too.

– Ring offers this plan with a device replacement guarantee. This means that should you lose your camera because of robbery or due to natural disaster during the first year of acquisition, you will get a new device free of cost. You can also buy this plan at a monthly subscription of $3 according to your needs.

3. Protect video recording plan: You can choose this video recording plan at an affordable annual subscription of $100. This plan is appropriate and lucrative for you if you have multiple floodlight cameras. Besides the features, which you get from the no plan as well as from the basic plan, you will get some premium protection features through this video recording plan.

 These features include:

– When you choose this video recording plan, you will get a lifetime warranty for your devices. This means that you will get a new camera free of cost whenever you lose the camera due to robbery or natural calamity.

– Opting for this plan will allow you to buy your future products at an attractive discount of 10% of the total cost. You can also pay a monthly subscription of $10 according to your needs to avail the facilities of the plan.

Ways to Claim the discount through the Protect video recording plan

 If you are a recently paid subscriber of the Protect video recording plan, you are eligible to claim the 10% discount. However, you can use the discount facility through buying other products of Ring, such as Security Cameras, Video Doorbells only on ring.com.

 Once you have paid the subscription for the plan, you can visit ring.com and open your account. You can now place an order for a camera or a video doorbell and can buy your preferred product at 10% discount.

Final thoughts about the Ring Light FloodLight Camera

 Usually, most homeowners would like to protect their home from theft or other unwanted incidents in an affordable way. As a result, they will look for a quality home-protection device with maximum beneficial features at a minimum price.

The Ring Light FloodLight Camera is one such product that comes with numerous useful features at the best price. This makes the product the most sought after home-protection device amid budget-conscious homeowners. Any quality home-monitoring device is supposed to come with the maximum video resolution, so the Light FloodLight Camera from Ring is no exception. Unlike other analogous devices that come with the resolution of 720 pixels, this camera from Ring comes with the High Definition video resolution of 1080 pixels.

This means that you can view the objects clearly. Most home protection devices are available without cloud storage. On the other hand, this home protection product from Ring allows users to store their video for a maximum period of 60 days. Moreover, the storage fee of the product is much lower than that of the other devices. When considering the versatility of the Ring Light FloodLight Camera, it has upper hands over other comparable devices available on the market. While most devices are compatible and work with a couple of mobile apps, this camera from Ring performs well with three different mobile apps, such as iPhone, Android, as well as with Windows.

 When it comes to performance, the Ring home protection product offers better performance when compared to other similar devices. This is for the reason that it offers a loud audible alarm of 110 decibels, two powerful LED flashlights, durable and water-resistant aluminum and plastic covering, etc., at an affordable cost. Thus, the product happens to be the most preferred one amid those who want to get the real value for their money. If you consider authenticity, then this home protection device from Ring is 100% genuine. This is because it comes with a 30-day trial period as well as with a one-year part warranty. This shows the confidence that the manufacturer has on the camera.

Final Verdict

 The Ring Light FloodLight Camera is an extra development over any type or model of an outdoor protection light. This is because it comes with two powerful LEDs to offer better illumination to users in the dark. It also comes prepared with the Wi-Fi facility. Moreover, the product comes with three different types of video recording plans that best suits the needs and the budget of users. Additionally, it allows users to set their preferred activity zones, construct timetables, as well as to have better control over the sound of the siren.

 Above all, the pros of the Ring camera are more than the cons. This will offer real worth for your money. Considering all these facts, you can rest be rest assured that the Ring Light FloodLight Camera is a highly recommended product for homeowners to protect their home in an affordable way.

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Do you need a junction box for Ring floodlight?

To fully utilize the properties of a floodlight, the junction box is mandatory. The junction box serves the purpose of protecting the floodlights’ electrical connections. Hard-wiring the floodlight within the security junction box allows one to enjoy all the features of the floodlight.

Ring floodlight junction box size

A ring floodlight junction box is a very small box. It is only 4 inches in size. Such a size is big enough to shelter all electrical cables and compact enough to be hidden away from view. 

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