Home Security Company Reviews – ADT Alarm Systems

The oldest security provider in the market, ADT remains to be most reliable, most used and most recommended by far. It is basically found all over the United States and UK and remains to be the number one choice of home security provider. It has for a long time specialized in providing house alarms for the home and the workplace.

ADT alarms have been effective and efficient in keeping us safe whether we are present or away. It is no wonder that they are our go-to company when it comes to deciding on what we need in terms of security. It has developed a smart kind of security system called the ADT Smart home.

Features Of the ADT Smart home

 1. It connects the home security system with your computer, phone or tablet.

 2. It allows you to set your home alarm from wherever you are. You can also unset it, and manage any other features as well.

 3. With smart control you are able to manage your home cameras, lights and all the synced functions from a central point

 4. The ADT Smart app is android and IOS compatible allowing you to be secure even on the move This is also ideal for parents who want to keep tabs on who is going in or out of the home at any one time. Whether you are home or not, smart home allows you to give the illusion that you are by switching on the lights when the alarm is activated

 5. Internal cameras allow you to watch over your home when you are on vacation or away from home.

 6. It has its own inbuilt Wi-Fi that is not affected by changes in your home Wi-Fi

 7. High encryption security minimizes the risk of hacking and makes your data safe. There are numerous different packages that are dependent on the kind of security you want. You can upgrade your alarms to a smoke detector, or even CCTV.


Every single alarm triggered is noted by ADT. They then call you up and every other nominated key holders to ensure that you are safe and that it was not a false alarm. The installation process is quick and does not contain many confusing wires that would likely be messy. ADT is a trusted alarms provider and the efficiency of their alarms has over the years been noted and feared by burglars. The mere sign of surveillance by this home security company is a feared by burglars.

 ADT alarms are able to tell the clear difference between pets and intruders to avoid falsely setting off alarms and unnecessary chaos. Their alarms have inbuilt Wi-Fi that does not let you down regardless of the strength of home Wi-Fi. This means that your security is 24/7 The introduction of key fobs allow you to be rest assured that you do not have to remember number codes and passwords.

 ADT allows you to double up your alarm with a smoke and carbon detector for the all-round experience. You can also comfortably pay ADT to monitor your alarm for you all day every day.


 1. Years of experience sets them apart from all other providers

 2. They have very professional same day installation

 3. You can always upgrade your subscriptions and pick what you need from all they offer

 4. The app is user friendly


 1. You can only get a quote after a home visit

 2. They are relatively more expensive than all other home security providers

 3. Their installation is not free

 4. Their upgrades are not automatically done every 3 years unless requested

ADT Guarantees

 1. They offer you money back for up to 6 months

 2. In case of a break-in, they reimburses you for the stolen goods if and only if you had installed the cameras and they were being monitored

 3. In case you have to move, it is important to note that you will get a discount for the second installation

Burglar Alarm Cost

There are various reasons why you would select a particular burglar alarm. There are also various considerations taken in when giving you a quote.

Is it a DIY alarm or does it require professional installation?

Installation fees are another reason why the cost of one burglar alarm may be higher than the other.

How Much Does ADT Cost?

Older more experienced companies tend to charge more for the same service compare to newer companies. Your choice of provider should be greatly influenced by your budget because the older the more expensive. Find out what you need then find out who can give it to you affordably.

Wireless or hard wiring?

Wireless alarms are easier to install, have less hustle and are generally better than wired alarms which may need drilling and expert assembly. You may be needed to cough up more money for a wireless alarm

Bell alarm or monitored alarm?

A monitored alarm will relay information to an alarm response Center for action while a bell only alarm will only notify you of an intrusion. Monitored systems are more expensive than bell only.

The general cons of having a home security

  • You have a false sense of security. Burglars are just as knowledgeable about alarms as you are and may find smart ways of shutting them down.
  • You always have to remember to set the alarm and to deactivate it. At some point you may just give up
  • If your alarm is connected to the police station, you will get charges for all the false alarms.

Why You Should Still Get A Home Security System

1. If you are a parent, you get alerts when someone comes in or goes out of the home.

 2. The sight of an alarm is sometimes all you need to scare away burglars. The deafening sound of an alarm sometimes makes the burglar scamper away.

 3. You can be sure that police will be dispatched as soon as someone breaks into your home. In conclusion, a home security system is indeed a must have. The benefits outweigh the minor inconveniences.

Besides, your home is one of your biggest investments, and its security is not to be trifled with. Getting the best is a skill you will probably acquire over time. The more you review different options available in the market the more you learn and are able to get the best deal. Learn to constantly check on updated and better subscriptions so that you are able to have the best the market can provide.

 If you are not paying for monitoring services, I suggest you find a way to regularly check on the home security in order to learn the different tricks that may be used to deactivate the alarm. Read on additional services that may be provided with you home alarm and weigh the benefits of an all in one service compared to paying for a separate smoke detector. I personally make an effort to find out what other homes use for security and how to upgrade my own.