What Is CCTV And How Does It Work

Many times, when you walk into a premise where security is key, you are likely to see notices on the entrance point, alerting you that CCTV cameras are at work. In other words, the alert is to let you know that every step you take while in that place is under watch!

It is an effective way of enhancing security measures for homes, offices, shopping malls, and similar enterprises.

So, what does CCTV mean?

To start with, the abbreviations stand for Closed Circuit Television system. The purpose of this surveillance equipment is not to publicize the signals, but to keep monitoring the happenings of the place under surveillance.

The reason different people and companies, businesses and homes make use of the CCTV is for security reasons. An example of this is the Simplisafe and Ring security systems.

How then does CCTV work?

The CCTV system has monitors and cameras that allow you to view the live happenings of your business or home. It keeps the recordings so that you can view it later in case you are not able to watch right away. The recordings are what is referred to as the CCTV footage.

The CCTV footage is critical especially when you need to follow up on any security matter that takes place when the Closed Circuit Television records the happenings.

This is a system that receives video feeds that are transmitted from various security cameras, or what is in other words called the CCTV cameras.

The feeds from the cameras are usually left only for the view of the authorities or authorized persons.

Benefits of the CCTV surveillance systems

Companies, businesses and homes all over the world depend on un-compromised security to thrive. The need for security led to the invention of this surveillance technology.

The first person to invent and install the system was a German engineer known as Walter Bruch who invented and installed it in 1942.

As technology advanced, the first commercial CCTV was availed in 1949 by Verizon Company. Initially, security personnel would have to keep watching the monitors all day to keep track of the happenings.

The systems by then did not have the capacity to record and store images. However, as technology progressed over the years, the CCTV cameras were enabled to record many hours of video footage.

The security personnel can then view the collected images for them to play their role effectively.

What are the benefits of the CCTV cameras?

Should your company or home invest in it or it is a waste of resources?

Prevent and deter crime

Even when you are not in your business premise, the Closed Circuit Television system will keep monitoring the happenings in the area, while keeping a record of any suspicious activities.

Security experts have noted that areas under CCTV surveillance have lesser records of criminal activities as compared to those without the system. It is noted that people and criminals will avoid acting on a crime when they know that the surveillance systems are monitoring their activities.

The same applies to home set up. When you have to leave your baby with the nanny, you may need to monitor the home activities to be sure that your baby is safe, and that they are getting the proper attention and treatment from the person watching over them. It will relief you from worry when you are away.

If you have furry pets such as dogs and cats, you may need the Closed Circuit Television system to monitor them when they are left on their own. It will add to your peace of mind.

Helps collect evidence

In case anything unfortunate happens either at home or in the business, the CCTV cameras come in handy. The recorded videos will give you the CCTV footage that will help you to collect your evidences and identify the culprits.

These cameras also come in handy in resolving internal issues, for example, employee fights, theft, sexual harassment incidences and identifying the staff who are nonproductive.

Talking of productivity at work, your boss can watch you from their home using the Closed Circuit connection of you are within the range of the CCTV cameras. If you are out of range, you would need to prove to your boss that you have been productive!

Major security issues have had records of being resolved by the help of the CCTV systems, and this has popularized the use of the systems.

Installing the system in your workplace will give a sense of security to both your employees and the clients you are serving.

Cost effective for security

When you install the this type of system, it will help reduce the need for extra security personnel in your workplace, and this will reduce your business expenses.

These type of cameras have a 3D viewing feature that allows you to view live the ongoing activities. With that, you can effectively prevent break-ins, and enable you to keep your company plus your employees safe all the time, day and night.

Keeping your home safe

These surveillance cameras will also help you monitor the activities around your home. It will help you identify any idle people around your home, or any suspicious movements. It gives you an opportunity to act in good time.

How to connect CCTV camera to computer

When you need to connect the CCTV camera to the computer, its crucial to first understand the make up of your closed circuit system. Some systems use coaxial cable while others will use the standard USB cable for connection.

Start with the software

Install the CCTV software that the manufacturer provides with the system. You may download it from the manufacturer’s site or it could get to you in form of a CD or DVD. The installation is automated as soon as you start the process.

Mount the camera

Check the area you want to be under surveillance. Identify the place that has proper lighting, and one that gives clear view of your area of interest. Mount your camera.

Connect the Closed Circuit Television to the computer

Check on the type of cabling your system is using. You can consult the electronics manual to help you know which cabling the system is using. Connect the cameras to the routers through the available dedicated ports. Connect the routers to your computer.

Connect the cameras to a source of power

The cameras will need a source of power supply. Some CCTV system USB cabling come with the ability to provide power to the cameras, which eliminates the need for an extra source of power.

How to use CCTV camera without internet

Power the cameras and the NVR on, and they automatically use their proprietary network to connect to each other. This does not use any internet connection because they do not use the router to connect.

You also need a good storage back up from a surveillance storage unit.

Finally, you connect the HD monitor or TV and you are ready to monitor your area!

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