DJI Mavic 2 Drone versus Holy Stone HS720 – Which is better for beginners?

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Both DJI Mavic and Holy Stone HS720 (which has the best drone under 100$) are very good drones and the discussion of comparison never ends. However, to decide on the one you should get and which one is better for beginners, it is important to consider the features and pros and cons of each of them. This article will help you compare the two and reach a decision on which one to get.

Why Should you consider the Mavic 2 drones?

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Mavic 2 drones are generally considered better than Holy Stone drones as they are more advanced and smarter. However, they are more costly hence the need to consider your pocket size before resolving to purchase one. Both Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom have great outstanding features that we are going to look at below. They are more advanced than the previous Mavic Pro.

Features of Mavic 2 drones

  • It is faster than the traditional Mavic Pro and Holy Stone. This makes it the best drone for adventure shots

  • More quieter than Mavic Pro and Holy Stone. It makes less noise than the other two. 

  • It can fly further than the Mavic Pro and Holy Stone. 

  • Very good in manoeuvring around obstacles, making it more ideal for its job

  • It can sense obstacles on all its six sides, which is called Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing. This includes up, down, right, left, forward and backward sensing. 

  • Has technology that enables it to avoid front and back collision, enabling it fly around obstacles. 

  • I also discovered intelligent flight modes which allow you to track, take photos and even do filming very easily. 

  • The dimensions are small, making it easily portable.

  • It is also foldable, which makes it easy to carry and store when not in use. 

  • I also liked that it is very light, which again makes it easy to carry around. It weighs around 907 grams. 

  • It is able to fly smoothly even in windy conditions due to its flight system and gyroscope feature. 

  • The flight time is also amazing: up to 31 minutes at a constant speed of 25km/h where there is no wind.

  • It can fly for 11 miles (18km) at a speed of 50km/h where there is no wind. 

  • There is also the presence of GPS and GLONASS and is therefore able to connect to a number of satellites for ease in flying, returning to home, avoiding obstacles and identifying points of interest.

Is the DJI Mavic air worth it? 

The DJI Mavic air is totally worth it, for the reasons stated below. It simply takes portability and power to a whole new level with its outstanding features. It allows for excellent quality of images and intelligent shooting. It is quite sophisticated and perfect for your advanced flight needs.

Is Mavic Air good for beginners? 

Yes, Mavic Air is perfect for beginners. It balances well between portability and power. Besides, it is not as big as Mavic Pro hence can be carried very easily. It is important to note that while it is nearly half Mavic Pro’s size, it comes with the same features, hence you will not suffer a disadvantage if you go for it.

Is Mavic Air Easy To Operate?

Mavic Air is also quite easy to operate, or even if you find it complex you can easily follow the steps on the guide, and hence can be a good choice for beginners. Its features make it enjoyable to use. You can rest assured you will not get bored while operating it.  

DJI Mavic Air Pros 

This type comes with a 240 minutes maximum RC battery life and can fly for up to 34 minutes maximum. It also has ultra-clear details with a 1/2inch sensor for images. It has the ability to capture 48MP photos. With this you can zoom in on a photo and be able to see very minute details without straining.

Other than that, the DJI Mavic air drone has enhanced HDR photo, video and panorama content. Its cinematic content is 8k hyper lapse and it has QuickShots. This allows you to warp space and time for stunning footage. The good news is that getting this shot does not have to be strenuous; you just need to select your mode (whether Waypoint, Course Lock, Free or Circle) and select the shooting location. After that, the drone will complete the process on its own.

 DJI Mavic Air flight is also a lot smarter and safer as compared to other versions. It has APAS 3.0 avoidance of obstacles that provides for a safe flight. Its stereo vision sensors are located on the bottom, front and back of the drone, and they sense the environment while it is on flight. They guide you on where to land and what to avoid. Besides, it provides for farther flight and clearer sight. 

DJI Mavic Air also enables you to track easily with its FocusTrack feature which allows for footage of professional quality. It gives you room to exercise your creativity with its various tracking modes including Point of Interest 3.0, Spotlight 2.0 and Active Track 3.0. 

The drone also has the ability to fly smoothly even in environments that are challenging. It is able to switch automatically to the best channel with minimal interference. Its anti-interference ability is high because of this. 

The DJI Mavic Air is foldable to the size of a smartphone and hence is quite portable. It is ideal if you wish to carry it say in a backpack or pocket. This is totally worth your money. Nobody wants to carry heavy luggage around, right? 

There is also an internal 8GB hard drive in the UAV. This allows for storage, enabling you to refer to images later. There is also an allowance for expanding the memory with a micro-SD card. 

It is also compatible with the DJI Fly App which makes it convenient to create and edit videos in a very easy way. The app is equipped with intuitive templates and advanced functions that make it possible to come up with professional images in a very short time. 

DJI Mavic Air cons

  • The range on a Mavic Air is about 2.4 miles, and its video transmission systems is not as robust as that of a Mavic Pro. 
  • The Mavic Air is good for basic obstacle avoidance but is not great in an environment that is, say, heavily wooded. This is an example of an area with a lot of obstacles, such as woods. 
  • It can easily lose the subject if taken from an area that is well lit to one that is much darker. The image quality is also compromised in areas that are not well lit. 
  • It has less battery life, meaning you have to keep replacing batteries from time to time to keep it going.  

Which is better, Mavic Pro or Mavic Air?

This is totally dependent on the kind of drone you are looking for and the kind of tasks you want it to perform. However, generally speaking, Mavic Air is better compared to Mavic Pro. This is because Mavic Pro is a bit more traditional and is limited as compared to Mavic Air. Mavic Pro is also bigger in size than Mavic Air, making it a little more cumbersome to carry around as compared to Mavic Air. Mavic Air is also equipped with more features than the traditional Mavic Pro, which is why we prefer to go with Mavic Air. 

Is Mavic Air the best drone? 

Again, this is dependent on the kind of drone you are looking for and what you want it to accomplish. In our opinion though, Mavic Air is the best drone produced by MJI thus far.

It is certainly not perfect, but it has so many great features that many of the other drone types do not possess. This makes it rank higher than most other drones. 

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Holy Stone HS720 – Why bother with it?

This drone is foldable, which makes it quite ideal. It is possible to fold it and keep it away safely when not in use.  It also comes with its own carrying bag. Besides, there is a metallurgical gear which is built-in to enable smooth and carefree movement. 

Features of Holy Stone HS720

  • Its optical flow set has a fixed height and a system which is double stable 

  • It has a follow me feature which enables it to capture images easily no matter how fast it is run

  • The GPS factor also enables it not to get lost and instead return to home. 

  • It has point of interest which enables it to orbit automatically in the set path.

  • The HS720 also comes with a drone app which enables you to control it, ensuring you get to enjoy the beauty and landscape anywhere. 

  • I also love the fact that its aviation propellers are also in its brushless motor. This is less noisy than the brushed motor. It also lasts longer as compared to the brushed motor. 

  • This UAV has the capability to fly for 26 minutes, thanks to the intelligent battery it possesses. Its battery is long lasting and safe for use within such a long time. 

The camera features include a 90-degree rotation and lens which is adjustable, 5G FPV transmission and shock absorption.

Pros of Holy Stone HS720 Drone

  • It is way cheaper as compared to the DJI Mavic Air drone. It costs way less than the latter. It is, therefore, pocket friendly yet can be used for the same function as the other kinds of drones. 
  • The Holy Stone HS720 drone is also quite easy to use and so much fun as well. It is ideal for beginners as it has the most basic features that can be easily operated by anyone including first-timers. 
  • It is foldable and easy to store. It is also easily portable, making it ideal for people who would like to go filming in far places. On this note, the Holy Stone HS720 is also considerably smaller as compared to other versions of Holy Stone drones. 
  • It has long battery life, which ensures that it flies for a relatively long time, thanks to its lithium polymer battery. Its brushless motor also enables it to fly quietly, avoiding being a nuisance to neighbor and other people around you. 
  • The device also comes with a carrying bag, which means you do not have to spend more money buying its carrying bag. 
  • The other admirable feature of the HS720 drone is that it is possible to adjust the drone’s camera while it is still in flight. This feature was not available with previous Holy Stone drones. 

Cons of Holy Stone HS720 drone 

  • This UAV has a provision for space to place the phone. However, putting the phone there interferes with picture-taking because it is in the way of the buttons to be used for taking pictures. Therefore, it would be better if the phone space was put elsewhere to avoid this obstruction. 
  • It is not as light as the DJI Mavic Air drone. It therefore may be a bit cumbersome while carrying, especially if you intend to walk. 
  • Also, the quality of its pictures is not as good as that of the DJI Mavic 2 drone. 

Who makes Holy Stone drones?

Holy Stone drones are manufactured by Holy Stone manufactures. They produce very good drones as seen from the review above. Holy Stone drones can fly for up to 3,277 feet high. They are good for you if you wish to have a view that high.

Are Holy Stone drones any good? 

Yes, Holy Stone drones are good especially for people looking for the best mini drone with camera that is affordable and long lasting.

Are They Easy To Fly?

They are also easy to fly by following the manual. Its features such as the emergency stop and altitude hold make it quite easy to use and operate, even for beginners. 

How do you fly a Holy Stone drone? 

Before flying this machine, ensure you locate the satellites. After hitting the warm up button, it spins thrice. After that, click on the takeoff button and it goes about four feet high. If you press it again,the drone will land. Next, you press the joystick to control the direction you want it to go.

The toggle goes forward, backward or the direction the camera goes. If the UAV goes far away, there is the home button that brings it back. Having attached your phone to the drone controller, ensure it is GPS connected. 

Their long flying time is also a plus that makes it ideal if you wish to save money that would otherwise be spent on buying batteries for the it. These aerial machines are also fast because of their amazing features.

The new HS720 drone is also foldable, keeping it at per with the other drone types such as DJI Mavic 2. 

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