The Enclave audio centre home Pro is a 5.1 channel wireless surround sound system. It has three front channel speakers; left, centre and right to rear surround speakers, a 10 inch subwoofer and the centre hub, which is the brain of the system. This is what allows all the speakers to be completely wireless and only require power.

The Enclave centre home Pro is a THX certified home theatre system. THX is renowned as the definition of world class audio and being THX certified is reserved for only products that offer outstanding performance, quality and consistency. The three front channel speakers are identical in size, while the surround speakers are slightly shorter; all the speakers can be mounted to the wall or on stands.

The 10 inch front firing subwoofer is massive and weighs in at 26.6 pounds. Again the speakers and subwoofer only require power, so you have much more flexibility with where they can be placed without worrying about speaker cables. The centre hub is the wireless transmitter for the system simply connected to your TV via HDMI or digital optical, it’s using HDMI eARC by the way. There’s also a 3.5 millimetre auxiliary input but I wouldn’t suggest using that. What really surprised me is how well the system is protected when they ship it; they use cardboard edge protectors to reduce the chance of anything getting damaged while shipping, I haven’t seen any other manufacturers do this so props to you enclave.

Setting up the system is very simple but can take a little bit of time with all the power cables you need to plug in the speakers and subwoofer which all have rocker switches on them, so make sure all of those are flipped to the on position. Connect the centre hub to your TV via HDMI or digital optical, preferably HDMI of course, then connect this in a hub to power, once you’ve done all that it’s time to open the Enclave remote app on your phone.

Now where this system differs from others is that it doesn’t actually connect to your home network or Wi Fi. So this app simply uses bluetooth to find and connect to this in a hub, once you’ve done all this, it’s probably a good idea to run a firmware update on the system. The process took about nine minutes for me so go grab a cup of coffee or something while you wait. I really liked the interface inside the app, it’s very simple and easy to use, could possibly use some updating as far as how it looks but functionally is great.

You can change the input and adjust the volume levels from the home screen. What’s awesome is that it allows you to manually adjust the speaker distance from the main seating area and adjusted levels of each individual channel, again while the app is super simple, it lays everything out in such an easy way to adjust. I really do love it. I believe this system comes with a remote control. Anyways, the remote control is very simple, you can change to a specific input and control the volume level. Of course you can also control the volume with your TV’s remote control if you enable HDMI CEC on your TV. 


Now when talking about any sound system, the most important factor is of course the overall sound quality, and I’ll start this off by saying that I was very impressed with his performance. The audio quality is just fantastic and very comparable to some of the soundbar systems I’ve tested in this price range, but it’s a little better in some aspects and not as good as some others. 

This is where the central home pro completely outshines any other soundbar system out there, while it doesn’t support Dolby Atmos or have any upward firing speakers, it completely engulfs you with sound, the system gets extremely loud with little to no clipping, all I could really only get it to do this when cranking the volume entirely too loud for my own comfort. 

The dialogue is crystal clear, mid range is very accurate and doesn’t get distorted. The higher frequencies are not tinny in the slightest. However, the low end from the speaker’s themselves isn’t great but the subwoofer does a pretty good job of making up for that, I found that I needed to turn the subwoofer up quite a bit to get the sound that I wanted from it, but once I did that, I had almost no complaints about it in overall sound quality.


The Enclave centre home pro barely outperforms the Samsung q950 t but with a single caveat; upward firing speakers. I’m so used to hearing upward firing channels because I’ve reviewed six different high end Dolby Atmos sound bars so far. Profiling channels can make a big difference if you’re in an optimally shaped room, my testing environment or my office is a rectangular room with an eight foot high flat ceiling so upper firing channels performed very well in my environment.

However for a more open room with a very high or vaulted ceiling, the Enclave cinehome pro would win hands down. Sound quality can be greatly affected by the size and shape of your room, so this is always something you should consider when purchasing any audio system. Playing music on the system is great. No complaints at all when it comes to sound quality, whole room stereo mode is very similar to Nakamichi is in all channel stereo mode, where it duplicates the audio from the front left and right channels to the rear channels. 

It surrounds you with music that you’re playing, it’s honestly a great experience. I want to quickly go over the things that I like and things I don’t like about this system. I love the fact that all the speakers only need a power cable. This makes it so easy to position the speakers exactly where you want them, even with seven different components, the setup process is still really simple when you power up the system, everything pairs up almost immediately. The wireless connection is solid, I haven’t experienced any drops pops or static from any of the speakers or sub. This is something I’ve definitely experienced with other sound bar systems with wireless speakers and a sub. 

Now I haven’t mentioned this yet but you can now add up to three additional subwoofers to the system, so you can actually make this a 5.4 channel system in total. This is probably a little overkill on the bass but I think just a single additional sub would make a big difference and overall the sound quality is definitely up to my standards when testing the system. I find myself almost halfway through a movie when I just plan on testing for a short amount of time. It’s that immersive and it sounds so good that I just didn’t want to stop watching.

Now for some of the things that I don’t like so much; the power cables poke out from the back too much on the front three channel speakers. This can make it slightly more difficult to mount them to the wall or on stands. I had to add some foam blocks to the back of the left and right channel speakers so that they were flush on my speaker stands. I can imagine mounting them to the wall could be a little more troublesome.

The lack of Chromecast or AirPlay for wireless audio streaming is a bummer. Of course you could always do this through your TV or connected media device but having wireless casting built in is extremely convenient for some people. Now this isn’t really Enclave’s fault but I really wish there were some upward firing speakers integrated into the system somehow, this is more of a personal preference. I know this isn’t a big deal for everyone but 3d audio has been my normal for many months now and not having it just feels kind of odd. 

I wish there was a display of some sort on the Cinehome hub; a small LCD screen that displays the current input or volume level would be very helpful. And lastly the supported audio codecs isn’t up to par with other systems in this price range. This system only supports Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital ,DTS digital surround, Dolby Pro Logic two and PCM. The reason I have issues with this is because it doesn’t support lossless or uncompressed audio. If it had support for both HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD, then it would be perfect in this aspect; maybe this is something that they can add in the future .

I honestly think  that the CineHome PRo Home theater is a great product and worth it for the price, as long as you’re okay with no Dolby Atmos or DTS X support

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