DJI FPV Goggles vs Fatshark

When you need to buy goggles, DJI and Fatshark are the most obvious options you will have because of how they rank in goggles. Both are great though they are totally different products. Let us look at the differences between these two products.  Built Quality  DJI is majorly concerned with the outlook. Their built quality … Read more

Which Motor Is Used In Drones?

It is not possible to control the speeds of the drone unless you make use of speed controllers. The controllers facilitate you to control the current of the motors plus the voltage. That is how the controllers manage the drone speeds. The first concern when you float your drone in the air, is the ability … Read more

DJI Drone Vs Holy Stone Drone

What are drones? A drone is a type of an unmanned aircraft. Officially, drones are called unmanned aerial vehicles. Essentially, this means that they do not fly with a human being on board. This makes it generally a robot which is controlled remotely sometimes through flight plans that are in a software. These software work … Read more

What is A Drone?

The best way to define a drone is an aircraft that is unmanned- or a flying robot-that one can control remotely. The drone has flight plans that are embedded in their systems, to enable them to use some software to fly autonomously.  The drone system works hand in hand with GPS and onboard sensors. The … Read more