Western Digital (WD) Hard Drive Colors

WD Blue, WD Black, WD Green, WD Gold, WD Red, WD Purple.  If you walked into a shop and saw hard drives displayed in all these colors you would be forgiven for thinking that they’re “just colors” or a way to make the product look appealing to the eyes so that you can buy it. … Read more

Dynamic Fly Height

One can never have enough or exhaust what is the latest invention when it comes to technology. One interesting thing to note is that whether one is keen on growing their knowledge in this area or not, a time comes when one finds themselves smack-dub in the middle of a genius invention or some technological … Read more

Yale HSA6400 Review

Before i list out the best wireless CCTV system, I hope that you will agree with me when I suggest that Life in this modern day and age has become impossible to live in without a good wireless burglar alarm system. How safe is your residential area when you are not around? When the time … Read more

How To Format DVR Drive For PC

The transformation that technology has introduced into our everyday living is amazing. It is amazing to see the change that has come with DVR, and that is what we will focus on in this article. For the sake of starting from the basics, DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder.  DVR is an advanced version of … Read more

How Many Hard Drives Can A Motherboard Support?

Computers have become an essential part of everybody’s life today. It is safe to say that we cannot function effectively without their help. This is something that a great majority can agree on because computers make life easier for human beings. We often don’t quite seem to understand the make-up of these digital devices that … Read more


How do I add a key fob to my Yale alarm? To add a key fob to your Yale alarm unit, you must follow three crucial steps. First, log onto the Yale application on your smartphone. Go to the application’s menu and choose the “Settings” option. On the list of options that come up, choose … Read more

Ring Security System Vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe batteries The SimpliSafe security unit is heavily dependent on batteries. It is so designed to ensure the portability of the components. Sensors and keypads can be placed anywhere in the house. Their location in the home is not determined by the availability of power outlets. This design also ensures that security is guaranteed even … Read more

Understanding CCTV Storage And Footage

Closed Circuit Television Surveillance  Technology has seen the rise of surveillance technology over the years. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is commonly used for video surveillance. Lately, they come with both audio and video components to it. CCTV is mostly used for security purposes and is monitored for private use. Therefore, CCTV footage are not for … Read more