MARANTZ NR1200 STEREO RECEIVER REVIEW Today we will be reviewing the Marantz nr1200 stereo receiver. I have been very big on big home theatres; that is front projection based multi channel home theatres. And for a long, long time, that was my focus, and up until about 2009. I legit thought that bigger was better, … Click here to Read more


Vacuum tubes were actually invented in 1906 and they mostly have been replaced by the transistor which was firstly created in 1947. And that basically makes vacuum tubes a relic of the past. Well, if you search for tube amplifiers on eBay or Amazon, then you can actually still find lots of products that feature … Click here to Read more


Today we’re taking a look at an integrated amplifier called the Willsenton R8 and this is a Chinese integrated tube amplifier. A lot of people have been asking me about this amplifier because I’ve been mentioning it in my speaker reviews. Now today’s the day I actually review it. So I’m pretty excited to tell … Click here to Read more

Cambridge Audio CXA81 Review

Today’s integrated amplifier is Cambridge audios CXA81. Let’s get into it. This is an integrated amp that is; it is a preamp and amplifier integrated into one chassis. It retails for around $1,299 and is available most anywhere including online. It’s an 80 watt per channel stereo only integrated amplifier from a brand that is … Click here to Read more

Yamaha RX-V6a Review

We are reviewing Yamaha RX-v6a. This is a seven dot two channel Dolby Atmos enabled home theatre receiver. It boasts 100 watts per channel though that is only with two of its channels driven; so obviously as you add more loudspeakers, power is going to decrease. However, I maintain that it has enough power to … Click here to Read more


Just because a product is new doesn’t automatically make it the best or even the right solution for you. This is why in 2021, I argue that the Sony dn1080 AV receiver is the ultimate receiver for someone just looking to build their very first home theatre. And that’s why we’re reviewing it today. The … Click here to Read more

Yamaha rx-A3080 Review

I love home theatre receivers. For most people, a home theatre receiver is more than enough to give them a good surround sound experience. Aside from sound bars, more home theatres nowadays are driven by a receiver than they are separate components, but not every home theatre receiver is going to be perfect for that … Click here to Read more

Musical Fidelity M8xi & M3si Integrated Amplifier Review

Integrated amplifiers nowadays act more like AV receivers than they do two channel audio components; offering things like Bluetooth, streaming and Dax (audio extenders) and even HDMI. All of these are great features but what are you supposed to do if you don’t want those things?  What if you’re looking for an integrated amp that’s … Click here to Read more