Principles of Programming Languages

What is a programming language?  This is a notation for describing algorithms and data structures. It is also a medium for communicating procedural actions to an interpreting agent or machine. It is a mental tool for; Solving procedural problems. Representing algorithms. Reasoning about algorithms. Reasons for studying programming languages To understand the connection between languages … Read more

Programming in C intro

Today I am going to share what i have learned about the basics of computer programming in C .  It is a text-based language that does not use a graphical user interface like the scratch application I referred to in my previous post.  It is more technical than scratch but it is the best way … Read more

Introduction to Computer Programming

Hello there I hope you are well. It has been a long while since I last did any kind of programming. I figured that most of you have had the same struggles that I have had while trying to learn how to code. I have a background in computer technology which is a course that … Read more