Welcome back ! Today we’re taking a look at the SVS SB 3000 subwoofer. And I believe that this is the sub to beat at $1,000 for movies, and also perhaps even for music. We are definitely going to be comparing it to some of the REL subwoofers like the T series, which is known … Read more


HOW DO YOU SET THE PHASE CONTROL ON A SUBWOOFER ? We are going to talk about subwoofer phase control as well as how to incorporate multiple subwoofers into your system. So, beginning with phase, a lot of you with subwoofers have either noticed or have probably wondered about either a switch or knob located … Read more


I have been waiting for the KEF KC62 matching subwoofer for the Kef Ls 50 and the Kef Ls 50 metas and then I heard the actual, like specs that they were putting out like,11 hertz, and I was like whoa. I look at the size and it’s puny on paper. It is literally so … Read more


Vacuum tubes were actually invented in 1906 and they mostly have been replaced by the transistor which was firstly created in 1947. And that basically makes vacuum tubes a relic of the past. Well, if you search for tube amplifiers on eBay or Amazon, then you can actually still find lots of products that feature … Read more


Today we’re taking a look at an integrated amplifier called the Willsenton R8 and this is a Chinese integrated tube amplifier. A lot of people have been asking me about this amplifier because I’ve been mentioning it in my speaker reviews. Now today’s the day I actually review it. So I’m pretty excited to tell … Read more

How Wireless Routers Work

It is a common thing to hear people say, that the world is currently a virtual village. The reason behind the saying results from the fact that the internet allows everyone to communicate from anywhere in the world. It is possible to enjoy the benefits of the internet without ever asking how it works! This … Read more

Can A NAS Drive Be Used Like A Regular Drive?

There are many different kinds of hard disk drives, each with its properties and functions. There is the desktop drive, the enterprise drive, the surveillance drive, and NAS drives. Each of these drives is designed to fulfill a particular purpose. This article will look at whether NAS drives can be used in the stead of … Read more

Seagate Ironwolf

Not a lot of time has passed since small capacity storage devices like floppy disks and compact disks were in vogue. These devices would only give you megabytes worth of storage space. We would carry Mbs of vital information around in them and be very content, yet only a few years later, here we are, … Read more